Ontario County is one of three counties sharing in $1.2 million in state matching funds counties sharing in $1.2 million in state matching funds

Ontario County is one of three counties statewide being rewarded for efficiency and consolidating services — actions the governor says will save taxpayers in those three counties a total of $1.2 million.

"We encourage local governments to work together to streamline services and reduce costs," stated Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul. "These shared services projects between Cattaraugus, Ontario, and Sullivan counties will save taxpayers $1.2 million and increase government efficiency. As part of our shared services initiative, we are providing the counties with state matching funds to further benefit their communities and enhance quality of life for residents."

Cattaraugus, Ontario and Sullivan counties together received a total of $1.2 million in state matching funds through the County Wide Shared Services Initiative (CWSSI).

The counties' plans identified ways to consolidate services and save taxpayer money through government efficiencies in services and community programs. The CWSSI provides a dollar-for-dollar state match of taxpayer savings achieved through the implementation of new shared services identified in county-wide plans produced through the initiative.

Cuomo added the “plans showed months of diligent research and vision to implement a better and more compact way of governance for their communities …”

Ontario County achieved $207,172 in taxpayer savings in 2018. Cattaraugus County achieved $930,000; and Sullivan County, $79,694.

Ontario County’s match of $207,172 is for 10 plan projects. Those include shared health officers, the Employee Assistance Program (which includes school districts), heavy equipment, and employee training and planning services. Ontario County worked with more than 25 municipal partners including the city of Canandaigua to achieve the taxpayer savings.

"Ontario County was able to capitalize on a legacy of cooperation and shared services with our municipalities and school districts,” stated Ontario County Administrator Mary Krause. “CWSSI provided a prescribed format and timeline for our discussions. We welcome these matching funds as an affirmation of our continuing collaborative efforts to the benefit of our taxpayers."

State lawmakers also weighed in, thanking the counties for their efforts and the governor for having the program.

"Ontario County does a phenomenal job as a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars,” stated state Sen. Rich Funke, R-Perinton. “I'm proud of their efforts and I'm glad they have been rewarded with a state shared services grant. I congratulate Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Jack Marren and his team for coming up with new and innovative ways to deliver needed services while saving taxpayer dollars.”

"This is a great step forward for Ontario County. Together, we are working to make the best use of our tax dollars and making government more efficient. It's important that we work together to hold the line on spending and find creative new ways to deliver greater efficiencies and better results for hardworking taxpayers …” stated state Sen. Pam Helming, R-Cananaigua.

“County governments are constantly looking for innovative ways and efficient practices to best deliver services. With local budgets facing pressure to manage costly unfunded mandates, streamlining services takes on added importance …” stated Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, R-Canandaigua.

For more information on CWSSI contact localgov@dos.ny.gov or call 518-473-3355.