Macedon voters will soon choose two new faces as Town Board members. On Tuesday, Nov. 5, voters can choose candidates who will listen to us and understand our issues. We also need openness and accountability.
Vote for Debbi Napolitano and Jim Byron. Both stand for openness and accountability. For a strong democracy, it starts with local governments.
Napolitano is a respected consultant to youth agencies and schools. Byron is a respected attendant at Town Board meetings, planning and budget. Both believe in a strong active community which must act responsibly to manage its future. Both listen well to concerns of local residents and are active participants in Macedon activities.
Vote Tuesday, Nov. 5, at your polling place or within the 10 days for early voting sites or by absentee. Your vote does count and it is important that the turnout be representative of the people.
Vote for Napolitano and Byron. We need openness and accountability.
Dorothy Mauser