Approximately 150 Newark Middle School eighth graders recently learned more about the value of clean water than perhaps they’d ever known before.
Three employees from Xylem Inc. in Seneca Falls made a Clean Water Awareness Day presentation to the students based on the global company’s Watermark Education program. Xylem makes residential and commercial products and systems that transport, treat and monitor water.
Jill Boudreau, residential water product manager, narrated a presentation to students in Todd Heinzman and Jarrad Bouchey’s technology classes. She was assisted by Julie Falsey, who provides technical support in customer service for Xylem, and Derrick Oberdorf, one of Heinzman’s former students and Xylem assistant product manager for boosters.
They helped students test a water sample for turbidity, pH, dissolved oxygen and temperature, and make a homemade water filter.
Heinzman, who arranged for the presentation at the school, said it was a great experience for the students. He was happy to hear from several that they used the filters with such things as Gatorade or mud puddle water and they became clear.
Students made the filters using plastic water bottles and other materials, including gravel or small stones, clean sand, activated charcoal, cotton balls, a small clean cloth, or a coffee filter and some clean gardening soil. Boudreau explained they served to demonstrate how impurities are removed from water through the natural filtration in the Earth or by man-made filtration systems.
Chloe Kraus said, “I enjoyed learning how much water it takes to make objects that we use everyday.” Ben Bryan said, “I was surprised at the number of people who get sick or die because they don’t have clean drinking water.”