Matchbox Cars, coloring books and Magic cards join the likes of Barbies and Big Wheels

ROCHESTER — The latest inductees of the Strong Museum's National Toy Hall of Fame were announced on Thursday morning. This year's class: coloring books, Matchbox Cars and the card game Magic: The Gathering.

The museum’s Vice President of Collections Christopher Bensch summed up this year’s inductees succinctly.

"It's a tale of magic, high-speed chases, and imagination come to life," Bensch said.

The three selections beat out other candidates, which included My Little Pony, Jenga, the Nerf Blaster, and Care Bears. They join such previous inductees as Barbie, the Big Wheel and Silly Putty.

There have been 71 toys selected to the National Toy Hall of Fame since it started in 1998.

In order to be inducted, the toys have to be widely recognized, popular with multiple generations, spark creativity and be innovative.