Tom Schmandt, athletic director for the Palmyra-Macedon Central School District, received the Chapter 5 Athletic Administrator of the Year Award from the New York State Athletic Administrators Association.
The award recognizes chapter athletic administrators that make an outstanding contribution to athletics, show evidence of dedication to athletics, and practice and support education-based athletics.
Schmandt was selected by his peers from the nine leagues in Section V, comprised of over 125 schools.
Schmandt served in various roles throughout his over two-decade career, including varsity football coach, physical education teacher, assistant principal and baseball coach. For the past 11 years, Schmandt has led the athletic department as director of physical education, athletics and community services.
“Being connected with school and a team allows us to experience life and learn a multitude of lessons like winning, losing, resiliency, failure, disappointment, joy, discipline, work ethic, cooperation and collaboration, along with many more,” Schmandt said. “I hope students and parents cherish these moments, yet keep them in perspective. High school is a fleeting moment in life and we are looking to provide an education-based program that allows personal growth. Just because it is not the way you would do it, does not make it wrong. It is not all about winning. It is about the journey to the championships, always learning from the experiences we have.”
Schmandt will received the award formally in March 2020 at the Roy O’Neill Awards Banquet in Saratoga Springs during the NYSAA Conference.