The village of Newark invites area residents and businesses to create snow sculptures in January and February for the seventh annual snowman-building contest.
The best residential entry will receive $100, and the best business entry will receive the Snowman Trophy and pizza. Entries must be located in the village and suitable for all ages.
Residential entries need to be located on the property’s front lawn area in clear view from the road. Business entries must be located in front of the business within 3 feet on a lawn area or the sidewalk. All entries cannot block sidewalks, driveways or building entrances.
Sculptures should be of a noninteractive nature, meaning there are no areas intended for people to walk or stand on, crawl over, sit under, or climb. Only food coloring may be used; do not incorporate wood or metal framework.
Call (315) 331-4770, ext. 108 to enter. Judges will stop by to take a photo of the creation. Do not send in photos.