Matt Miller of Canandaigua is campaigning for the Assembly seat covering Ontario County and part of Seneca County

Matthew Miller, a Democrat from Canandaigua, is in the running for the Assembly seat represented by Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, R-Canandaigua.


A veteran of the New York Army National Guard, Miller, 24, grew up in Irondequoit and lives in Canandaigua. In the National Guard he was an intelligence analyst. He has worked various jobs waiting tables, working in classrooms and in hospital emergency/trauma centers. He currently works at Ryan’s Wine & Spirits in Canandaigua. Miller has been a patient care technician in the Emergency Department at Thompson Hospital and a clinical assistant at Boston Children’s Hospital.

“I have a passion for helping people and being in some form of service, whether it be in the private or public sector,” said Miller, who is gay and served in the Army from 2012 to 2016. “My experience in the military and working in healthcare helped me realize my ability to make the state a better place through public service.”

Miller said he got in the race “because as a young adult I see time running out on the problems we all face and very little action being done by our current representative.” He cites climate change, health care and poverty as key issues.

“Climate change has led to floods that have created poor conditions for farmers and damaged our already crumbling infrastructure. With conditions worsening every year, the crisis we are facing will impact everyone’s livelihoods,” he said, mentioning the impact on human health and the economy.

“The people in this district are ready for a new generation of leadership with fresh ideas to combat these problems head on,” added Miller, who is scheduling events across the district to meet with residents.

On news of Kolb’s arrest New Year’s Eve on a driving while intoxicated charge, Miller said he thinks Kolb should step down as Minority Leader. “Any other steps will be up to Mr. Kolb, his family and the Minority Conference. If Mr Kolb decides to finish out his term I hope he will lead with compassion,” Miller said.

“I appreciate him immediately taking responsibility and sincere apology,” he added. “No matter what he decides to do, we are running our campaign at full speed to defeat him or any other Republican in November to bring new leadership to Albany.”

Kolb, the longest-serving legislative leader in the New York state Legislature, has been an Assembly member since 2000 and Minority Leader since 2009. His district, the 131st, includes all of Ontario County and part of Seneca County.