Denise Paley, the family and consumer sciences teacher for Marion Central School District, recently earned national board teacher certification.
Paley was among 11 teachers in Greater Rochester to receive the certification and the only teacher in Wayne County to pass the standardized assessment this year.
“It was a goal of mine to complete before I retired,” said Paley, president of the New York State Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Educators. “I figured I want to be the best teacher that I can. It also inspired me to be a role model for my family and consumer sciences colleagues, to uplift the profession and encourage other teachers to do this.”
Certification is a nationwide process that has teachers demonstrate their knowledge and skills by completing three portfolios and a standardized assessment, and submitting a reflective essay and video of a lesson.
Paley completed the certification over three years. She said it caused her to dive into how she teaches students of different abilities, and how she interacts with students, families, colleagues and members of the community.
As a family and consumer sciences educator, Paley teaches students about practical living skills, personal finance, clothing care, nutrition and career planning. She will receive a stipend from the district for earning the certification.
“It causes you to reflect,” Paley said. “It causes you to look at each student individually. We do personalized learning at Marion, but it just helped me delve more deeply and ask more questions of myself. I have always been a positive person, but I think it has helped me interact in an even more positive way with students to always give specific feedback with how they can go one step further, pushing them gently.”