Newark High School students recently got firsthand experience of what it’s like to drive while impaired by alcohol or other drugs, or distracted by a cellphone.
The day started with a presentation by representatives from the Save a Life Tour covering the danger of impaired or distracted driving. Students took time from their history classes to “drive” virtual reality simulators in the Auditorium.
Junior Jackson Vermeulen said using the impaired driving simulator was disorienting.
“You definitely don’t want to drive under the influence, not that I would do it,” he said. “This gets the point across.”
“It’s really hard to text while driving, so don’t do it,’’ junior Madeleine Brownell said.
Juniors Alexandra Briggs and Phoebe Bates volunteered on behalf of the Youth to Youth Club and Honor Society to hand out bracelets and help students sign a pledge banner. Briggs used the impaired driving simulator.
“It was scary and a huge eye-opener,’’ she said. “You hear about impaired and distracted driving, but you don’t think about it until you feel it personally. My grandfather died in a road rage accident and I can’t imagine how he was feeling as a victim.”
The Save a Life Tour is a safe driving awareness program that informs, educates and demonstrates the potential consequences resulting from poor choices and decisions made by drivers. It emphasizes driver experience, improper driver behavior, safety restraints, impaired driving, distracted driving and motorcycles.