Newark students were assigned commuting devices earlier in the school year to give them access to class work, stored files and other educational materials. As the coronavirus pandemic closes schools across the country, these devices are helping students communicate with their teachers and complete assignments.
School counselors are utilizing these devices to help Newark High School students prepare for their futures after graduation. They are holding college and coursework preparatory meetings online while staying home.
Danielle McGavisk, district guidance department leader, is meeting with juniors virtually to make sure they are on track with coursework to complete their majors and transcripts.
“Our junior meetings lay the groundwork for senior year,” McGavisk said. “They’re really important and last the longest. We are making sure students are doing well academically and OK mentally during the shut-down.”
She said that the more casual — but on-task — meetings are lasting longer “because the bell doesn’t ring.” Students also have access to mental health resources via the NHS Counseling Course in Schoology to help them stay positive, motivated and upbeat.