Kelley School Principal Jeff Hamelinck recently tweeted out a message from his front porch that he hopes students will read and heed.
Hamelinck urged students to be thankful for everything being done for them by family members, teachers and others while they are not in school.
“Your families are doing a remarkable job keeping the household going and helping you to continue learning while you are at home,’’ he said. “That’s not easy!”
He wanted everyone watching to do two things: thank their parents and household caregivers, and help with household chores, even extra ones they don’t normally do.
“It takes a lot to run a household, even more when you are home from school,” Hamelinck said. “So, make sure you say ‘thank you’ and pick up some extra chores.”
Hamelinck encouraged students to thank their teachers and teacher assistants who are communicating with them online, as well as food service preparers and volunteers who are giving out food, and to wave to bus drivers as they deliver food.
Until students return to school, Hamelinck said he plans to tweet messages as often as time allows. Visit for information.