With access to school buildings restricted, Jamie Sonneville, director of technology for the Newark Central School District, devised an innovative location for students or staff to get problems with their district-owned laptops or iPads addressed.
Students are using the computing devices they were assigned last fall to access class materials, complete assignments and communicate with teachers online from home. Sonneville thought a storage trailer on the south side of Newark High School could be used as a temporary repair/swap station.
“I’m so incredibly proud of the IT team,” Sonneville said. “I can sometimes come up with some really out-of-the-box ideas, but this staff doesn’t balk at them. They only ask when they should be done and get to work.”
Aaron Sweet, technology integration coach, and Mike Ishler, IT support specialist, worked inside the trailer to address issues. Devices needing more complex attention were swapped for others.
Tim Liese, a network technician in the IT department, also addressed issues while working from home. In all, the department successfully tackled about 65 issues.
“People were so grateful,” Sweet said. “They were so happy to have their devices working again and said it was such a relief.”
Since the iPads and laptops at Kelley, Lincoln and Perkins schools are kept on charging carts in classrooms, the IT department was tasked with getting 600 extra chargers for students.
Newark students and staff members needing help can visit newarkcsd.org for information.