Historic Palmyra is closed until further notice in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as concerns for guests and staff.
Programs during this time were and continue to be cancelled. This includes the Women’s History Month program, Underground Railroad Walk and Talk, general election, Chalk it Up with History, steak dinner fundraiser, and Overshot Weaving Class. News will be posted on the Historic Palmyra website and Facebook.
Historic Palmyra released its new website during the shutdown. The design includes information about the five museums, events, membership and paranormal investigations. It is mobile-friendly and allows the nonprofit to add more resources online.
New exhibits will be on display once the museums reopen, such as the 2020 coverlet display in the Alling Coverlet Museum and an interactive map at the Erie Canal Depot. Curators are framing portraits of historical re-enactors in the Historical Museum, as well as preparing a World War II trunk filled with a soldier’s contents.
Email bjfhpinc@rochester.rr.com or visit historicpalmyrany.com for information.