The cat’s out of the bag — Conklin Gully is a great place to hike. Rosie and I arrived Saturday afternoon to find the parking lot to this High Tor Wildlife Management Area filled with cars and more cars lined along Route 245. Our hike began here, at the mouth of the gully near Naples, Parrish Hill Road and the Ontario/Yates County line.

It’s one splendid gorge, with towering shale bluffs. Be prepared to get your feet wet and hike up a big hill. Don’t lose your footing while enjoying the view. You’ll find waterfalls and this time of year, before the trees fill out, get a peek at Canandaigua Lake in the distance. We took a loop and walked back down Parrish Hill Road. For much more ambitious treks, you can connect to the Bristol Hills Branch of the Finger Lakes Trail and explore several thousand acres filled with wildlife including ravens and black bears (more on them, later).

By the way, Rosie has become a household name. So much so that as we walk around our village of Naples, people have been waving and calling out to her, from doorways, cars, and on the street. I think it’s going to her head.

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