Did you hope to see photos of beavers? Sorry (no one more sorry than Rosie), we didn’t see beavers in Victor on Saturday. But we know they live here.

Check out the photo of what appears to be a beaver lodge. We came across it while walking west along a section of Victor Hiking Trails starting at Rawson Road. We followed part of the Auburn Trail, a wide footpath that rests on the bed of the old Auburn and Rochester Railroad. The beaver house showed up along a wooded path running parallel to the rail bed. A few connecting paths are temporarily closed due to flooding and broken boardwalks — no worries, there are signs and arrows to get you back on track. 

Rosie highly recommends this easy-walking rail trail. Who knows, maybe next time we’ll meet a beaver.

Check it out! Find Victor Hiking Trails at https://www.victorhikingtrails.org/