Despite the COVID-19 shutdown, “We’re Wild About Reading” went on at Perkins School in Newark.
Reading Week featured virtual activities for students in pre-kindergarten through second grade that promoted the love of reading.
Each day had a theme. On May 4, for example, students were encouraged to wear some type of animal print clothing.
Using Seesaw software on their iPads, students could pick activities each day on a digital tic-tac-toe board to complete. These included virtual field trips to a zoo to learn about different animals, a reading of Bill Peet’s “Whingdingdilly” and a writing activity, animal art activities, animal yoga, and a nature scavenger hunt.
Guest readers included Perkins Principal Rhonda Underhill and Assistant Principal Greg Herbst, Superintendent Matt Cook, Kelley School Principal Jeff Hamelinck, Board of Education member Rich Martin, and Sandra Ordan, the district’s multi-tiered system of supports coordinator.
Several students sent photos, drawings and more for their week’s activities to their teachers.
Reading Week was planned by reading teacher Mikey Davanzo, physical education teacher Sue Moak, librarian assistant Kelly Puckett, K-5 librarian Gwen Curtis, second grade teacher Sarah Beth Stachura and first grade teacher Amanda Quku.