GENESEO — Three Greek organizations and nine students are under interim suspension at SUNY Geneseo for violating COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

As students head back to class at SUNY Geneseo, the normal college experience is no more.

“I’m definitely a party person so I was really looking forward to a party but once the pandemic hit I knew that wasn't going to be a possibility,” freshman Torianna Robleto said.

School president Denise Battles said in addition to those nine students, fraternities Zeta Beta Xi, Theta Chi and sorority Sigma Theta Tau are under interim suspension pending conduct reviews for failing to follow COVID-19 rules. 

Battles said students are not allowed to organize or attend high risk, residential, or off-campus events that exceed capacity limits.

Battles said they have directed their student and campus life leadership to strongly and firmly enforce their Student Code of Conduct policies relevant to their Restart Geneseo policies and procedures. 

“We were warned when we got here, we were told all of the rules very explicitly and they decided not to follow it,” Robleto said. “So as much as I would like to say give them a second chance, we can only have less than 5% of the school's population before we have to shut down so it's safer if they get suspended.”

Geneseo Police Chief Eric Osganian said since Aug. 22, they've responded to eight different parties and large gatherings off campus, some with more than 40 people in one place.

“People’s health is at risk and I don't want the school to get shut down if we get too many cases,” freshman Juliana Labruna said. 

Students said they while they do get the urge to party and socialize, they don't want it to impact their college education or their health.

“It's my freshman year I don't want to have to get sent home before I really get the full experience so I’m hoping that we keep the cases to a limit and be safe about everything,” Labruna said. 

Police Chief Osganian said they're not just getting complaints about students but getting them across the whole community and they’re trying to use education to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.