The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and Wayne County government will be working to address Executive Order No. 203 — New York State Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative through community engagement, planning, listening and learning, and with public comments.
The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has 271 general order policies to guide our correction officers, court security officers and deputy sheriffs as they perform their daily task, duties and functions. The Jail Facility has 108 policies, court security has 36 policies, police services has 84 policies and all employees of the Sheriff’s Office have 43 policies.
All of our policies support the standards mandated by each division’s accreditation.
The general order policies cover rules of conduct, development of policies, hiring practice, authority and responsibilities, use of force, limited English proficiency — interpreters, transports, criminal investigation management, communications, reporting, constitutional safeguards, recording custodial interrogations, internal affairs investigations, search and seizure, traffic stops, vehicle pursuits, arrest protocol, and a host of other operational procedures.