Five years ago, after 22 times publicly conceding he lacked the constitutional power to grant illegal aliens immunity from deportation and eligibility to work, the most lawless president in modern U.S. history did what came naturally. Barack Obama broke the law.

In 2012, having said he could not legally intervene on behalf of the children of illegal immigrants, Obama did exactly that, making farce of his word and respect for the Constitution. His executive order created a 5-year-old Deferred Action for Parental Accountability — later, renamed Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA — giving minors a renewable two-year period free from deportation and eligible for a work permit.

DACA shows what happens when one special interest is treated differently than another. For eight years, Obama, wholly corrupt, applied a lower standard of law to overwhelmingly Democratic groups, including Hispanics arriving from Mexico, to whom he pledged amnesty using power he earlier said he did not possess. Cynicism total, he divided, a universe from his 2008 campaign vision of “No Red or Blue, just United States.” What a hoot to remember that Obama now.

By 2017, his five-year DACA program included 800,000 such “Dreamers,” after Congress’s DREAM ACT bill, which, because of its illegality, had been attacked in court at birth, was likely to be ruled unconstitutional, and was rescinded at this month’s deadline by Donald Trump. The new president said, as Obama first had, that only Congress, not the chief executive, could extend such legislation.

In America, we believe in equality irrespective of race and color. Most recoil when, as Obama did, DACA occurs due to race and color. His identity-group prism views voters as clients to be bought, not individuals to be valued. Far worse, mocking the Constitution, top Democrats ignore law breaking, wanting illegals-turned-citizens to swell their vote. Equally unAmerican, Republican elites want illegal cheap labor for big-business pals. What a choice for law-abiding Mid-America: a punching bag again.

At least Democrats are politically bright. By contrast, GOP congressional support for DACA, despite illegals’ voting for anti-business Democrats, shows the truism “The Republican Party is the Stupid Party” has never been truer. Put another way, if DACA involved illegals from small-town western Canada who were conservative and likely to vote Republican, would Dems admit them? Would leftist professors, media types and fellow travelers hype them like Dreamers? The Buffalo Bills would win the Super Bowl first.

At bottom, DACA is a racket: its goal, to rig our electoral process, stain democracy and make the Democratic Party the permanent majority party. Even before the president ended it, Democrats unanimously backed an extension. Crazed to seem tolerant, Trump agreed at a meeting with party leadership to endorse it if Dems backed greater Mexican-U.S. border security, ignoring how liberals have been soft on defense since before DACA parents were born.

A sane solution to DACA would be to make Dreamers legal but not what Democrats seek: citizens, thus able by original law breaking to secure the sacred power of the vote. The solution would then end DACA’s power play, forever, and find and deport other people living illegally in America. None of this was even discussed at the Trump-Democratic leadership meeting.

Meanwhile, the man who boasts of the art of the deal seems unable to even recall the deal he promised the Forgotten American in 2016 at countless rallies in countless burgs, from one end of the American-Mexican border to another, Trump vowing to build not more guards, high-tech, or flimsy surveillance — but a Wall. These people elected him.

BUILD THAT WALL! one throng after another screamed in extempore unison about Trump’s first — his pre-eminent — pledge. If Trump trades DACA for non-existent Wall funding, he will soon irreversibly bust his base. This is what Democrats want — the one way Trump can lose his presidency.

If Trump builds a Wall, Main Street will never forget him. If he is rolled by DACA’s fake security, his public will never forgive him. It won’t fool Middle America, which wants the real thing that works. If Donald Trump can’t grasp that truth, he will top the long list of Republicans who wear “the Stupid Party” garb.

Curt Smith is the author of 16 books, his most recent "George H.W. Bush: Character at the Core." He is a former speechwriter to President George H.W. Bush, Associated Press “Best in New York State” radio commentator and senior lecturer of English at the University of Rochester. Mr. Smith writes twice monthly for Gatehouse Media Newspapers.