Ralph Jr. is known for his basketball skills at Honeoye, but his passion of hunting extends to every member of his family

Look out Duck Dynasty’s Robertson clan … the Angelo family is coming for you.

There is a family in Honeoye Falls that is the ultimate example of a family that hunts together stays together. Between them they have harvested well over 100 whitetail deer and that’s not counting Grandpa Ralph, Sr. Add in his deer harvest and you are well over 200 whitetails.

When it comes to an energetic discussion on hunting, Ralph Angelo makes me seem like a Trappist monk. The only difference between Ralph and myself is that his stories are interesting. The man has a passion!

Ralph Angelo, a 1991 graduate of Honeoye, has built a successful investment business, Angelo Planning Group, so you would think that his mind would be on said business 24/7. But when his feet hit the floor in the morning his first thoughts go straight to deer hunting.

Where can he hang another tree stand or put in another ground blind so his wife Megan can score another buck, or where can he put a redneck blind so his son Drew aged 11 or daughter Shaye aged 9 can sit with him while he hunts deer. Ralph would rather see someone in his family kill a deer than shoot a dozen himself.

The deer predators in the Angelo family are: Ralph aged 44, wife Megan (younger), son Drew aged 11, and daughter Shaye age 9. Oldest son Dillon at 18 is off to college and the youngest, Luke aged 3, is too young to hunt … but not by much for this crew.

Ralph’s wife Megan is a great deer hunter in her own right. She is strictly a bow hunter and has harvested eight bucks in the seven years she has hunted in New York, her best a 130-inch Godzilla. 

Ralph and Megan started Drew and Shaye out early, traveling to Texas where there is no age restriction to hunt deer; as long as they are with a licensed adult they can start at any age. Drew has already harvested 18 whitetails, his first buck at the age of seven. Drew’s best Texas buck so far is a 150-inch 10 point. This young gun has also taken a Texas dull, a black buck, an axis buck and a Russian boar. 

Shaye harvested her first whitetail at age six. She has also killed a red lechwe antelope and a white fallow deer. 

My favorite story about the Angelos that really exemplifies their passion for whitetails happened two years ago. Ralph sat home taking care of little Luke while Megan was bow hunting in her redneck haybale blind located in the field directly behind their home.


There was a doe in the field closing in on Megan’s blind, so she texted Ralph to see if he wanted her to harvest the doe. Just as Ralph was answering her to go ahead and take the doe … he saw (from the house) a large buck come out in the field. He quickly texted her back not to shoot the doe as there was a large buck in the field moving her way.

Just as that text went out he saw an even bigger buck come into the same field. This second buck was a monster, obviously the dominant buck in the area and he wanted a piece of the other buck muscling in on his territory. A fight was lining up to take place 20 yards in front of Megan’s blind.


Moments later, Ralph watched out the window as the deer scattered as if they'd been spooked. Just then, Ralph’s phone rang. It was Ralph, Sr. informing his son that it was too bad Megan wasn’t in her blind because there were a bunch of deer in the field behind the house.

Apparently, Senior had pulled into the driveway not thinking anyone was home and got out of his truck while trying to see if there were any deer in the field; spooking the two bucks seconds before Megan was about to draw her bow.

He still hasn’t heard the end of that mishap.

But when all is said and done, it was Ralph, Sr., former Richmond Town Supervisor who runs a barbershop in Honeoye, who lit the spark that ignited this Deer Dynasty. He helped young Ralph start a trapline that he ran before school each day, teaching the boy the value of hard work at a very early age.

“All I knew growing up was trapping, racing coon hounds, deer, turkey, rabbit and coon hunting," said Ralph. "This was all I did besides basketball. My Dad, along with my four uncles, lived and breathed the outdoors and sports. They instilled that love of hunting and the outdoors into me on a daily basis while I was growing up. It was a good, clean upbringing and I want the same for my kids.”

This Angelo posse are the real deal. They chase whitetails like they owe them money and are living prove that the family that hunts together stays together.

Hendrick is a freelance outdoors writer based in Henrietta.