Lincoln School holds mock ice cream election

On Election Day, students at Lincoln School in Newark voted to determine the best ice cream flavor. Cotton candy won with 97 votes versus 73 for chocolate. 

The event was held on the same day of the U.S. election to teach children in grades pre-K-2 about the election process and the importance of voting. 

The mock election — organized by second grade teachers Danielle Beck, Keary Foley and Erin Lynch — was preceded by a primary the week before to determine the final two candidates from four flavors: vanilla, chocolate, birthday cake and cotton candy. 

Second graders made posters for the hallways to advocate for each choice. Students also took turns manning the polling stations, with job titles including greeter, ballot passer, ballot collector and voting sticker distributor. 

“It was so cute to see the kids running the election and getting excited to vote,” Beck said.

Principal John Ginter joined teacher assistants Kim Cooper, Lisa Feagle and Mary Lasecki in monitoring the second graders as they helped each class vote. 

"The second graders really took their jobs during the election seriously,” Lynch said. “I am glad everyone got to experience the voting process."

Later that week, students were treated to cotton candy ice cream provided by Joey’s Northside Market on North Main St. 

"It was fun for the students to be able to participate in Election Day just like their families and have conversations about an election, too,” Foley said.

Lincoln School second graders Grace Porretta, left, Grace Ganster and Audrinna Marriott vote for their favorite ice cream flavor during a mock election.