Wayne recognizes Fire Safety Educator of the Year

Wayne Central School District and the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York came together to recognize Robert Brewer as the 2020 Fire Safety Educator of the Year.

Brewer, aka “Firefighter Bob,” is a member of the Lincoln Volunteer Fire Department. He has worked with Wayne CSD for more than 10 years to teach students about fire prevention and life safety.

Brewer has organized and promoted activities to engage and educate students and their families about fire safety, including the Fire Prevention Week Ride to School in a Fire Truck program. This program allows students the opportunity to win a ride to school in a fire truck with local firefighters.

Brewer also developed a Hydrant Helpers program, which encourages students to clear the snow from around fire hydrants with adult supervision. It is not uncommon for fire hydrants to be buried under more than a foot of snow, which can create delays getting water to a fire. With the Hydrant Helpers program, nearly 100 fire hydrants are cleared of snow each winter.

Lincoln VFD annually hosts a Day of Fun and Safety that brings special needs classes to the firehouse for presentations, building tours and hands-on demonstrations.

Robert Brewer is named Fire Safety Educator of the Year for 2020.
Robert Brewer is recognized by the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York, Wayne Central Board of Education and Lincoln Volunteer Fire Department.