'Bloom Watch' ramps up on Canandaigua Lake

Julie Sherwood

A 10-week shoreline monitoring program engaging volunteers on the watch for harmful blue green algae blooms is underway on Canandaigua Lake. Volunteers are working with professionals to provide weekly updates on the status of the lake.

A Bloom Watch ticker is being updated weekly that shows the number of shoreline surveys performed, number of blooms reported, as well as information from the previous week to show a change in activity. The Bloom Watch is here, under 2020 Water Quality Updates.

As of Sunday morning there were no reported or confirmed blooms on Canandaigua Lake. Overall, the lake is experiencing some isolated blooms that tend to be transient in nature, the Canandaigua Lake Watershed Association reports. Conditions can change very quickly on the lake. Avoid areas showing visual signs of blooms.