From the Sheriff: Sex offender awareness, verification

Sheriff Barry Virts
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Wayne County has 354 registered sex offenders living in our towns and villages. I report this information each month to the Public Safety Committee and forward individual town data to each town supervisor.  

Currently, sex offenders registered in each town are as follows: Arcadia, 74; Butler, 21; Galen, 22; Huron, 21; Lyons, 67; Macedon, 14; Marion, 10; Ontario, 22; Palmyra, 24; Rose, 11; Savannah, 14; Sodus, 36; Walworth, eight; Williamson, 21; and Wolcott, 30. Each month, this office conducts address verification checks to assure those that must register are living at the address they registered for and their appearance has not changed.  

You can find out more information by visiting our website ( and the free Sheriff’s app. If you have any questions, please contact the Sheriff’s Office or your village/town police. This information is not to alarm you, but to give you the resources to protect yourself and your loved ones, and to prevent crime and victimization. 

In front of the Jail Facility, there are two identified parking spots meant to promote safety when making the exchange of buying/selling something on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. The parking spots are under 24/7 video surveillance for your safety. 

STOP-DWI stands for Special Traffic Options Program for Driving While Intoxicated. The program is governed by Vehicle and Traffic Law Article 31, Section 1197 and Commissioner's Regulations Section 172 that was created by the state Legislature in 1981.  

STOP-DWI efforts are funded entirely from fines paid by convicted drunk drivers; no tax dollars are used. The program functions as a financially self-sustaining alcohol and highway safety program to empower counties to coordinate local efforts to reduce the number of persons killed or injured in alcohol and other drug-related traffic crashes.  

The program provides funding to the District Attorney’s Office for prosecution, and to probation officers to handle the supervision of alcohol- and drug-related driving probationers; supports rehabilitation services to inmates in the jail facility; provides public information, awareness and educational campaigns; and provides DWI enforcement funds to local police departments and the Sheriff’s Office. 

In May 2021, 42 males and four females were committed to the Jail Facility. There were 47 transports, 5,136 inmate meals served and $7,911.22 collected from seven inmates released on bail and fines. Inmates worked 1,359 hours of labor in laundry, facility cleaning and food service. 

The Jail Facility boarded three inmates from the Cayuga County and Ontario County sheriff’s offices, and secured 10 parole violators and six inmates that were ready for transfer to state prison.  

Court security officers cleared 1,110 people entering the Hall of Justice through the magnetometer, securing seven weapons and nine other contraband items similar to TSA airport security (firearms, ammunition, knives, scissors, cell phones, glass bottles, umbrellas, helmets, hand tools, etc.). 

Deputies traveled 120,461 miles on patrol, investigating 88 motor vehicle collisions in which 12 people were injured, 62 crash investigations, two missing persons, 25 animal complaints, 1,392 miscellaneous complaints, 397 minor crimes, nine major crimes, six fire investigations and 597 other complaints. Deputies issued 323 traffic tickets, eight DWIs and made 130 violation, misdemeanor and felony arrests, plus 34 mental health arrests. 

The Civil Office processed 71 legal papers and 85 Family Court orders, received $98,929 and paid out $94,419.23 to creditors. This month, $10,430.71 was remitted to the County Treasurer’s Office for the general fund. 

Wayne County law enforcement charged 17 people with DWI: one by the Palmyra Police Department, eight by the Sheriff’s Office and eight by New York State Police. Please drink responsibly! 

Sgt. Craig Pagnotti assisted as the police field training course instructor at the Ontario County Safety Training Facility in Canandaigua. Court security supervisor Dawn Pisciotti assisted with the Steuben County Court accreditation in Steuben County. Sgt. Investigator Andrew Hares and Deputy Sam Ross took a traffic crash reconstruction online course. Chief Deputy Joseph Croft, Lt. Matthew Hilkert and Deputy Justin Lucia attended the K-9 graduation in Syracuse. Sgt. Investigator Zachary Aunkst attended the police response active shooter instructor certification in Abington, Pennsylvania. Lt. Matt Ryndock attended the civil supervisor’s continued education training in Saratoga Springs. Lt. James Miller and Sgt. Joseph Hendler assisted as the reality-based training instructors for the Finger Lakes Law Enforcement Academy in Clifton Springs. Deputies/school resource officers Travis Dunn, Christina Denniston, Kevin Vaughn and Caitlin Fitzgerald attended the Dealing with Students with Disabilities training in Bath.  

Search Wayne County NY Sheriff to download the mobile app onto your smartphone or tablet. It is available free of charge from the iTunes and Google Play (Android) app stores. The new app will help Wayne County citizens stay tuned to important information from the Sheriff’s Office. After downloading the app onto your smartphone, you can receive alerts, news and resources. 

If you see something, say something. Call 911 to report any suspicious activity. Social media is used to inform you of events and arrests that would be released to the media, but timelier to keep you informed. Social media sites are not used as an official communication tool. Concerns and inquiries should be directed to me by calling 315-946-5797, by emailing or mailing Sheriff Barry Virts, 7376 state Route 31, Suite 1000, Lyons, NY, 14489. If you have a complaint that is an emergency or time sensitive, call 911 to have law enforcement respond immediately. 

Visit us at our social media sites, Facebook page “Wayne County Sheriff’s Office,” Twitter accounts @SheriffVirts and @WayneCoSheriff and 

Please contact me at 315-946-5797 or at with any questions or concerns you may have. 

Barry Virts is Wayne County sheriff.