Wayne County Partnership examines student trends

The Wayne County Partnership for Strengthening Families held its final full membership meeting of 2020 via Zoom. 

Much of the meeting focused on the emerging needs caused by the ongoing pandemic, and how the organization’s agencies and systems are rising to face the challenge. 

Co-Chair Jay Roscup shared a slide showing an increase since 2012 in the rates of students receiving free and reduced lunches at their schools. The next slide showed a decrease in the number of students in grades 8-12 self-reporting five or more risk factors since 2013. Roscup credited this decrease to the work and intentional collaboration of the members of the Partnership. 

“In times of crisis such as this, we are inclined to withdraw and see to our own agency’s needs,” Roscup said. “That is exactly what we cannot do. We must continue to focus on the needs of our young people and work together to meet those needs.”

The Partnership is made up of more than 50 school districts, county agencies and organizations throughout Wayne County and the surrounding region. It focuses on education, locating and delivering resources for families, and overall health and wellness. 

The next meeting will be a Poverty Summit to discuss factors contributing to poverty in Wayne County and explore possible remedies. To register for this virtual event on Jan. 13, visit waynecountyconnection.org. For information on the Partnership, visit waynepartnership.org.

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