Student anime on display at Newark Middle School

This month, Newark Middle School is highlighting anime produced by students in the display case next to the sixth grade hallway. 

This style of art is based on animation cartoons and series. It originated in Japan in the early 1900s, and is a distinctive form of 2D and 3D illustration. 

Seventh grader Marcel Gonzalez is featured in the anime showcase at Newark Middle School.

While art teachers Liz Miller and Lisa Stringer haven’t taught anime, they’re delighted to display the students’ art work.

“It’s a popular drawing style that inspires a lot of passion,’’ Miller said. “It’s not something we’re teaching. They do it all on their own. We’re happy to recognize and showcase their independent work that inspires them.” 

Newark Middle School highlights anime drawn by students, including sixth grader Kendall Muckey.

She said some of the featured art was done by eighth graders who are not required to take art, as well as students learning remotely from home this year.

Next month’s display will feature students’ fantasy art independent work.

A display case is filled with student anime work at Newark Middle School.