Newark implements academic early warning system

Newark High School and Newark Middle School now have an academic early warning system that notifies parents that their child’s average is at or below 70%, well before report cards are issued at the end of the quarter.

The notifications also include information about subjects students may be failing and, in the case of NMS, important assignments that have not been completed.

NHS Principal Nick Ganster and NMS Principal Teresa Prinzi said these notifications address parents’ concerns that they didn’t know their students were falling behind.

“Teachers are always giving students timelines and reminders,” Prinzi said. “We want to make sure parents know well in advance before students’ grades are set and before report cards are issued.

“We’re always trying to improve communication with families and support student learning anyway we can. This is being positively received.”

Ganster said, “When students get into the secondary level of their education, communication with parents can be a little more difficult because they have more teachers. This early warning system is simple and effective. We’re seeing an increase in the number of parents who are reaching out to us on ways to help their students as a result.”

The notifications are being sent via email at NHS and regular mail at NMS. They include ways to reach out to teachers, and information on how to access Schoology and School Tool accounts to monitor students’ progress. 

The NMS notifications also address concerns that students who have averages above 70 may be missing some learning opportunities to propel them even further. Ganster said NHS may include that information in future notifications.

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