Multi-tiered support systems being established at Newark HS


Sandra Ordan, director of multi-tiered systems of support and innovative programming for the Newark Central School District, is directing a lot of her energy to establishing the MTSS framework at Newark High School.  

Before becoming director in March, Ordan, of Victor, was the district’s MTSS coordinator and worked part-time as an assistant principal administrative intern at Newark Middle School.  

“Our high school is the last building within our district to really establish its MTSS framework,” said Ordan, of Victor, whose office is now in NHS. “By positioning me in this building, I am able to work more closely with NHS Principal Nick Ganster, our staff and our MTSS coaches to establish positive behavioral interventions and support systems.  

“This work at the high school level will take time, patience and flexibility for sure, but we are already making nice progress. I am taking what we have learned through building our MTSS framework that focuses on social and emotional learning and restorative practices at the other four school buildings and applying it to the high school. This work will be a foundational piece in all of our buildings and district plans.” 

Sandra Ordan.

According to Ganster, “Ensuring that our school responds to individual student needs is critical to preparing students for graduation and the next step in their lives, whether it is entering the work force, heading to college or entering the military. We are thankful for Mrs. Ordan’s leadership and dedication to establishing and sustaining a multi-tiered system of supports here at the high school. Her work will bring us one giant step closer to meeting the spirit of our vision: ‘Every Student, Every Day.’” 

Having recently begun her 14th year in Newark, Ordan worked as a school psychologist for 10 years before becoming the MTSS coordinator. She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Ithaca College, a master’s degree in school psychology at Rochester Institute of Technology and an administrative certificate at the University of Rochester.  

“I could not be more pleased with my administrative team and our collaboration,” she said. “I am very grateful to be able to continue my role at the administrative level here in Newark.”