From the Historian: Clean-up at the Macedon Historical Society

Linda Braun

The Macedon Historical Society formed in 1968 maintains two buildings located in Macedon Center, the Macedon Academy and the former Quaker Meeting House/Grange. As most homeowners, the fall is a time to prepare our buildings and grounds for the winter season. The MHS is no different. 

With the help of members of our organization, the Rotary and students from the Gananda Central School District we were successful in achieving our goal on Saturday, Oct. 17. 

While practicing social distancing and mask wearing, we accomplished a lot! With the help of these amazing students, we vacuumed and swept floors, washed windows, moved furniture and took out the trash. We’re working hard to make a place where artifacts can be displayed and research can be done more effectively.

Gananda students help prepare buildings maintained by the Macedon Historical Society for the winter season.

At the former Grange, we cleaned up the building and grounds. We look forward to watching this building be transformed by member Otto Roman into the Macedon Marketplace and Galleria at the Grange. Watch for future events at this site.

The Macedon Historical Society under the leadership of Sandy Pagano, president, and engaged the support of Gananda students Monica Krym, Grace and Gabe Parulski, Courtney Sicker, and Penelope Walter; Rotarian Mark Hopkins; and members Debbie Basile and her daughter Dane, Dave Gardner, Otto Roman, Sandy and Carmen Pagano and myself, Linda Braun. We would like to thank everyone who helped out!

Volunteers help the Macedon Historical Society with vacuuming, sweeping and washing.

The mission of our organization is to promote and encourage historical research and preservation regarding the town of Macedon and to disseminate that information in the community. The members of the MHS hope that people might choose to find out more about our community. We hold a monthly meeting every Tuesday at 6 p.m., guests are welcome.

Check us out at or on Facebook at Macedon NY History. We can also be reached by mail at P.O. Box 303, Macedon New York, 14502, or email or myself at 

Linda Braun is historian for the town of Macedon.

Rotarian Mark Hopkins washes windows at properties maintained by the Macedon Historical Society.