Bicentennial Committee seeking memory submissions

Stock photo.

Wayne County will be 200 years old in 2023. Efforts are underway to make this historical event memorable for all residents, including a book of nonfiction memoirs, photographs, poems, essays, artwork, biographical pieces and news articles.  

The Wayne County Bicentennial Committee is accepting submissions through Jan. 1. Submissions are limited to 2,500 words for prose and 30 lines for poetry, including blank lines. 

Each entry needs to include the contributor’s name and a third-person biography under 100 words. Artwork or photographs should have the artist’s last name as the file name and a brief description of the image in the email. Do not send originals; send photocopies.  

Send submissions to with the subject line “Bicentennial Memory Book, [Last Name].” Committee members are available to help with submissions, collaborate in writing a memoir and answer questions.