Wayne History Museum honors late director with memorial garden


The Wayne County Historical Society planted a memorial garden at the Museum of Wayne County History in honor of Larry Ann Evans, former executive director.  

The board of directors and community members broke ground and planted lilac bushes around a memorial bench on the south lawn of the Lyons museum. Community members contributed to the Society’s “Lilacs for Larry Ann” campaign by sending donations toward purchasing the bushes and bench. 

The Wayne County Historical Society breaks ground on a memorial garden in honor of Larry Ann Evans at the Museum of Wayne County History.

Evans’ friends gathered and shared their memories with the late director.  

“I’m sure Larry Ann would enjoy this place,” board member Bill Gavitt said. “[She would] come out and have a nice glass of wine, or a bottle of wine.”   

Board members and community members plant lilac bushes around a bench with support from the Wayne County Historical Society’s “Lilacs for Larry Ann” campaign.

Kathleen Marshall, president of the WCHS board, ended the ceremony with the garden’s future plans.  

“This is, of course, just the beginning,” she said. “We’re going to plant a few more ... but, when we’re done, it’ll be a beautiful memory. May Larry Ann rest in peace.”  

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Friends of the late Larry Ann Evans gather in the new memorial garden to share stories.