Students share opinions at Community Circle

Messenger Post Media

Assemblyman Brian Manktelow, R-130th District, recently participated in a Community Circle led by Hennessey Lustica from Sodus Central School District and Margi Taber from the Wayne County Department of Mental Health.

Lustica and Taber convened a group of youth from across the county at the Lyons Community Center to hear their perspectives on a range of issues.

“It was my pleasure to have the opportunity to sit with nine students from around Wayne County and to get their perspective on school opening back up,” Manktelow said. “My heart went out to them as they discussed the many issues that they face at this time during this health crisis.

“These remarkable young people balance so much in their lives right now. I was so impressed with their strength, character and resilience, and the love they shared for their families. It definitely opened my eyes and brought a few tears. It will be my privilege to bring their concerns to Albany.”

Area students already participated in an online youth survey that generated over 2,500 responses. The survey was completed across five counties, and provided information that educators and local leaders can use to plan to meet the needs of students.

The survey data showed youth are worried about getting sick, but even more worried about a family member getting sick. Strong feelings including anxiety were very common. The Community Circle provided context and depth to the initial concepts scanned by the survey.