From the Sheriff: Sgt. Ryndock joins trafficking task force

Barry Virts
Sgt. Tammy Ryndock is sworn in as a special U.S. marshal.

Sgt. Tammy Ryndock recently was sworn in and assigned to the Child Exploitation/Human Trafficking Task Force headed by Western District of New York U.S. Marshal Charles F. Salina. Sgt. Ryndock’s appointment authorizes her to monitor and participate in federal cases, and to seek and execute arrest/search warrants supporting federal investigations conducted by the task force regarding child exploitation and human trafficking.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted a background investigation on her upon her nomination to this position prior to her appointment.

COVID-19 NY PAUSE executive orders will not allow the New York State Sheriffs’ Institute Summer Camp for kids this summer in Penn Yan. This summer, the Institute will employ the planned counselors for a major spruce-up of the campgrounds and buildings with renovations and long-needed repairs. The counselors will also be revamping and updating all educational programs, presentations and PowerPoint presentations for the 2021 season.

To make this all possible, it is also the goodwill and charitable giving of the Sheriffs’ Association Institute’s honorary members that make the summer camp possible. Thank you to all the Wayne County Honorary Members of the NYS Sheriffs’ Association Institute.

Please respond to my plea to not text or use your cellphone while operating your vehicle. Driver inattention caused by texting or talking on your cell phone is as dangerous as operating a vehicle when impaired or intoxicated by alcohol and/or drugs. Pulling over to receive your text messages and phone calls could save your life. Please obey this law!

Please continue to wash your hands, cough into your elbow, don’t touch your face, social distance staying 6 feet apart, stay home if you are sick. Wear a mask!

The New York State Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative Executive Order No. 203 was signed by Gov. Cuomo on June 12. I have been in contact with Wayne County Chairman of the Board Kenneth Miller and County Administrator Richard House on this matter. Also, as an appointee of Gov. Cuomo to the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services Law Enforcement Accreditation Council, I will be working on standards with the Accreditation Council to meet Executive Order No. 203, and will implement model policies and guidelines promulgated by the NYS Municipal Police Training Council (chaired by Yates County Sheriff Ronald Spike).

In the meantime, this office will enhance our current de-escalation strategies, and train on implicit bias and racial bias. There is much work and outreach that is required by the executive order that will be organized and adhered to once more guidance is received.

In May 2020, 16 males and two females were committed to the jail facility. There were 35 transports, 3,471 inmate meals served, and $21,166.25 collected from six inmates released on bail and fines. Inmates worked 1,553 hours of labor in laundry, facility cleaning and food service.

The Jail Facility boarded one inmate from the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office, and secured one parole violator and one inmate that was ready for transfer to state prison.

Court security officers cleared 329 people entering the Hall of Justice through the magnetometer, securing one contraband item similar to Transportation Security Administration airport security — firearms, ammunition, knives, scissors, cell phones, glass bottles, umbrellas, helmets, hand tools, etc.

Deputies traveled 111,648 miles on patrol, investigating 67 motor vehicle collisions in which 16 people were injured and there were two fatalities, 69 crash investigations, five missing persons, 30 animal complaints, 3,007 miscellaneous complaints, 412 minor crimes, eight major crimes, eight fire investigations, and 1,015 other complaints. Deputies issued 486 traffic tickets, 13 DWIs and made 145 violation, misdemeanor and felony arrests, plus 21 mental health arrests.

The Civil Office processed 12 legal papers and 26 Family Court orders, received $135,031.57 and paid out $131,556.86 to creditors. This month, $7,270.70 was remitted to the County Treasurer’s Office for the general fund.

Wayne County law enforcement charged 18 people with DWI: 13 by the Sheriff’s Office and five by the New York State Police. Please drink responsibly!

Lt. Matt Ryndock and Deputy Brian Wilbert selected and picked up an armored vehicle donated by Brink’s U.S. in Menands, and Deputy Robert Fiorito assisted with instructing the reality-based training for the Finger Lakes Law Enforcement Academy in Clifton Springs.

Lt. Robert Milby and Correction Officer Eric Wood completed 25 years of service; Correction Officer Timothy Trayer and Stephen Groot completed 20 years of service. I salute Rob, Eric, Tim and Steve for their service!

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