From the Sheriff: Regarding Executive Order No. 203

Sheriff Barry Virts

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and Wayne County government will work to address Executive Order No. 203 — New York State Police Reform and Reinvention Collaborative through community engagement, planning, listening and learning, and with public comments.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is fully accredited by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services Law Enforcement Accreditation Council.

The Law Enforcement Accreditation Program is made up of 110 different standards, as outlined in the Standards and Compliance Verification Manual.

Of the 110 total standards, there are 52 administration, 12 training and 46 operations standards, as described below:

Administration standards encompass such areas as general management, personnel and relationships with other agencies. They also address organizational issues such as the Sheriff’s Office mission, the delineation of responsibility and delegation of authority.

Training standards incorporate many requirements that have already been established by the New York State Municipal Training Council. The standards are divided into four categories: basic, in-service, supervisory and records.

Operations standards impact the ways in which the Sheriff’s Office conducts the bulk of their crime fighting responsibilities. Major topics include patrol, traffic, criminal investigations and unusual occurrences.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is evaluated on the policies and practices as they pertain to the standards.

The methods that are used to determine compliance are:

Evaluating written directives for compliance with standard: Written directives can include general or special orders, standard operating procedures, policies, procedures or rules and regulations.

Documentation of compliance: Assessors look for proof in the file folders that written directives are up-to-date and are being properly implemented by Sheriff’s Office personnel. Proof may include, but not be limited to, reports, files, logs, lesson plans, incident reports, personnel files and performance evaluations.

Interviews with Sheriff’s Office staff: Assessors will interview deputies — some that are identified in advance by the sheriff and others at random to evaluate their familiarity with written directives for particular standards.

General observations: This involves verification of standard compliance through direct observation by the assessors.

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