Essay: A place of beauty is a joy forever

Carol Elaine Deys

Sometimes, when the day is opening, a walk in the park is just what the doctor ordered. Friday, June 11, many of our local residents did just that — walked from Palmyra-Macedon Primary School, past the fire station and over to the entrance of our lovely Butterfly Nature Trail.   

As they walked around the first circle upon the trail, they came upon author Peggy Thomas waiting for them by the Canal in her comfy chair. As she had earlier broken her foot, we were truly blessed to have her. She had been invited by Macedon Public Library director Stacey Wicksall to come and share her book “Joshua and the Giant Frog.” Truly, this community was blessed to have her visit as she is well known in many places and the author of over 25 books.  

Peggy Thomas.

The actual people who attended were the entire Pal-Mac third grade class, approximately 180 children and their teachers. As co-founders of Tasha Tudor Society’s Finger Lakes Western New York Chapter here in Macedon, my husband, Richard, and I were also present.   

It is the collective vision of MPL and this Society which enabled us to bring many programs to this area and this one was one of the best! Each wore their own colored T-shirts, and to watch them come around the bend toward the Story Book Trail totally graced our hearts. Their questions to the author were invigorating, and her responses were indeed, wonderful. She had also attended them by way of virtual meetings before the actual park presentation. 

The Story Book Trail at Lock 30 in Macedon.

We are motivating toward a brand-new vision for Macedon as a whole. Many are working very hard to bring this to fruition and it is my prayer that it shall continue in this vein. In the beginning, there was a vision of hope. I know, because my relatives held it in their hearts and were some of the first signers of the Minutes of the Town proper. We hope to continue this tradition and know that there are many out there who feel the same.  

As generations of hope, we move forward. It is the young ones who will take our place. Know that they are beautiful. I had the opportunity to watch them all in action and felt greatly privileged to do so. Thank you to all for the time and effort that was spent engaging this project. May our combined efforts continue to bring peace to this community and all it contains.