Jacobs doesn't represent us

Staff Writer
Wayne Post

During his very brief time in Congress, Chris Jacobs’ only votes have been against the interests of the people of NY-27. 

In an act of utter malice he has voted to use taxpayer money to enable lawsuits to attack the Affordable Care Act. Can you imagine voting to weaken and destroy the healthcare of millions of Americans at any time, let alone in the middle of the biggest health crisis faced by this country in most of our lifetimes? This is a slap in the face to millions of Americans, including tens of thousands in our district that rely on the ACA literally for their survival. 

Jacobs has inexplicably voted against a military funding bill, expressly because it called for renaming military bases that are named after Confederate generals. Our district has a rich history of patriotism. Numerous notable Civil War regiments hailed from our area including the 108th NY, 136th NY, and 140th NY. The brave soldiers of these units served with distinction at battles such as Antietam, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg — we should be honoring them, not individuals like Braxton Bragg. Not only was Bragg a Confederate, he was also a pretty poor general. 

Yet, this is what Jacobs is directing his energy towards. He could be pushing for an improved stimulus bill, racial justice, shoring up the public school system, or extending enhanced unemployment. Instead, he’s eroding the foundation of the healthcare of his constituents, and standing up for traitors that our ancestors fought against. 

Jacobs doesn’t care about us. He cares about going with the political flow and serving whatever powers-that-be seem to hold sway at any given time. He’s flip-flopped on any position he’s ever had, because he doesn’t actually have any principles. He just wants power and the ability to secure the wealth of his family and people like them. Jacobs would like you to think that because he’s a Republican he deserves your vote, but he doesn’t. He hasn’t even begun to earn it. Lots of Republican voters voted for Nate McMurray in the Special Election. They saw that even though they might not agree with a lot of McMurray’s positions, he actually is a fighter who would stand up for the people of our district. 

We need to show brats like Chris Jacobs that they aren’t entitled to our vote. In November, go with the candidate that actually has principles — who will actually fight for us in Washington: Nate McMurray.

Chris Lynn is a Dansville resident.