Newark teams earn scholar-athlete status

Teams at Newark High School collectively earned averages of 90 or better to qualify for scholar-athlete team status from the New York State Public High School Athletic Association for fall 2020.

“In normal times, it is difficult balancing the demands of being both a student and an athlete,” said Chris Corey, director of health, physical education athletics for the Newark Central School District. “For these teams, athletes and coaches to demonstrate such excellence during a pandemic is remarkable and inspiring.” 

The varsity girls swimming team coached by Rebecca Yuhas earned a 97.193 GPA. Team members are Alexandra Briggs, Lauren Liechti, Hanna Peters, Marek Pierce, Bria Romano (Lyons) Rita Romano (Lyons), Taylor Emily (Lyons), Beatrice VanRiper and Emilena Wilck. 

The varsity girls soccer team coached by Jason Dentel earned a 96.29 GPA. Team members are Natalie Bates, Devina Bueg, Jenna Havert, Morgan Hildreth, Megan Napoleon, Kaleigh Pettit, Emma Robbins, Brenna Stefanides, Anna Szarek, Gabriella Taylor, Anna Verdine and Katherine Verdine.

The varsity girls tennis team coached by Trevor Gage earned a 94.303 GPA. Team members are Arika Blaisdell, Madeleine Brownell, Michaela Colacino, Morgan Colacino, Jasmine Guzman and Mackenzy Peters.

The varsity boys golf team coached by Henry Kuperus earned a 94.098 GPA. Team members are Preston Berrios, Benjamin Fisher, Jordan Hughson, Ian Murphy, Connor Visingard and Benjamin Winkler.

The junior varsity boys soccer team coached by Jane Grogan earned a 93.196 GPA. Team members are Cameron Baker, Grayson Cole, Lucas Herd, Jadon Kowaleski, Morgan Miller, Marwan Osmen, Luciano Rank, Ethan Rossell, Kadien Schutt, Cole Talbot, Jose Ventura, Douglas Wells and Dominick Wilson.

The JV boys team coached by Kris Anderson earned a 93.006 GPA. Team members are Jaden Bentley, Carter Bumpus, Landon Burkhart, Eric Finn, Jacob Havert, Carson Stoffel and Ethan Tonkinson.

The JV girls soccer team coached by Jennifer Johnson earned a 92.984 GPA. Team members are Kendall Carr, Sara George, Brooklyn Graham, Cynthia Hernandez, Emma Holley, Madison Horton, Lena Ramos, Ava Ransco, Alilyana Sheils, Jayda Solomon and Emma Thayer.

The varsity girls cross-country team coached by Robert Castor earned a 91.4342 GPA. Team members are Alana Bedell, Felicity Brey, Taya Hilfiker, Lindsey Wells and Trinity Wells.

The varsity boys cross-country team, also coached by Castor, earned a 90.881 GPA. Team members are Joseph Camblin, Ethan Coleman, Jace Fredricksen, Chad French, Broden Haltiner, Devon Harmon, Aiden Lanse, Bruce McInroy, John Murphy Jr., Jacob Rodriquez and Maxwell Youngman.

NCSD also recognized varsity soccer players Gabriel Caraballo, Caleb George-Cady, Zachary Herd, Elijah Malach, Ryan Rossell and Jacob Stalker with scholar-athlete patches.

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