Lincoln students competing in Pedometer Olympics

Newark first and second graders at Lincoln School are keeping a close eye on their feet in their physical education classes.

That’s because PE teacher Stephen Todaro devised a competition he’s calling the Pedometer Step Olympics, which runs through March 25.

Lincoln School PE teacher Stephen Todaro attaches a pedometer to Preston Adigwu’s sneaker as Mya Knapp, left, and Marelle Divelbliss look on.

Students wear pedometers on their sneakers during each PE class to measure their steps. Then, Todaro records the number steps and adds that to a running total for each class. 

Winners will be announced in March. Prizes were provided by the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres and Rochester Red Wings. Every student will receive a certificate for competing.

Stephen Todaro tells Abigail Mott how many steps she took during class.

“I think it is beneficial for students to have something really fun to work for right now,’’ Todaro said. “Each time they come to class, they are seeing their individual and class progress. They’re super motivated and more active, many are even doing laps around the gym during free time at the end of class. I’m teaching them to not only be active in PE, but outside of school. I’m promoting healthy lifestyles. So far, this is super successful.’’

Mya Knapp, left, and Arialla Spinner look at their pedometers at the end of class.