With the bounty of fresh herbs, berries and produce currently available at local farmer’s markets, roadside stands and grocers, the time is ripe for making refreshing summer desserts. In June, epicurious.com offered up a menu of “101 Best Frozen Dessert Recipes” — some selections include:

• Frozen pies like coconut-strawberry, which uses fresh or frozen strawberries, or margarita pie, which has 3 tablespoons of tequila blanco and fresh lime juice.
• Frozen Mini Smore Pies — a campfire-inspired treat for hot days.
• Meringue Sundae with Peppery Berry Sauce, made with 3 tablespoons of Chambord liqueur, frozen berries and vanilla ice cream, and finished with mint leaf garnishes.

Better Homes & Gardens, offering 25 frozen dessert recipes, shared that many can be made ahead of an event and will last a week or more in a freezer if properly stored in a freezer-safe, sealable bag, for example.

Bon Appetit provided tips on choosing the right tools and ingredients to achieve frozen popsicle success. Four are:

1. Special molds are not necessary; a waxed paper cup and a popsicle stick, bought in bulk at a dollar or discount store, works. So that a popsicle will not be too top heavy, especially if purees are used for the frozen treat, cut the popsicle stick in half. To make the stick stay in the middle of the cup, tasteofhome.com last March instructed: “Simply pour the ingredients into your DIY mold, cover with aluminum foil, and spear a wooden popsicle stick through the foil into the center of the mold. The foil will help the stick stay upright.”

2. Pair herbs with produce; i.e. thyme and lemon or strawberry and basil.

3. For vegetable-inclusive frozen pop purees, choose inherently sweeter varieties such as carrots or beets.

4. Consider adding sliced fruit for texture and/or alternative milk products, such as coconut milk, for a creamy popsicle.